9 Days Tanzania Safari Experience and Cultural Activities


On this 9-day Tanzania Safari Experience and Culture Activities, you will get the opportunity to discover both wildlife and cultural experiences with the local population, and we are proud of our nation and all it has to offer to all tourists from all over the globe.

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Our 9 Days Tanzania Safari tour Experience and Cultural Activities were planned for the traveler with an adventurous spirit, finding an intimate immersion in the African community, but still also taking advantage of enjoying a wildlife safari which includes visits to Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Lake Eyasi, and the famed Ngorongoro Conservation Area which boasts the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife, people and archaeological sites in Africa.

This special Cultural Safari will lead you on a journey of discovery, to the core of the Northern Tanzanian Safari Circuit

ITINERARY – 9 Days Tanzania Safari tour Experience and Cultural Activities

Day 1 – Illikidinga Cultural Tour (Maasai Tribe)

After breakfast, we will begin our 9-day Tanzania Safari Experience and Cultural Activities by driving to Ilkiding’a culture Masai visit, where we will spend a day learning about Masai’s everyday activities.
The Masai are livestock herders who live on the move. The women wear vividly colored handcrafted beaded collars, while the males, dressed in their characteristic fabric, frequently demonstrate their extraordinary leaping skills for guests. Learn how they build their dwellings out of mud, sticks, and dung, and sing along with the schoolchildren. Visit the Arusha Museum in the late afternoon. Dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 2 – Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park has a diverse environment, amazing bird life, and magnificent scenery. Another incentive to visit this park is to see the legendary tree-climbing lions of Lake Manyara. They are the only species of their type in the world, and they live in the ancient mahogany and exquisite acacias during the wet season. They are a well-known but rather rare characteristic of the northern park. In addition to the lions, the national park has the world’s highest population of baboons, which allows for great game-watching of big families of the primates.

Day 3 – Lake Eyasi

After breakfast, take a picnic lunch then head to Lake Eyasi. A handful of ethnic tribes in Tanzania, akin to the Amish, have resisted modernization and, for the most part, remain traditional. Hadzabe: A tiny tribe near Lake Eyasi, the Hadzabe are hunters and gatherers who use a click language. It is crucial to visit them and learn about their culture; they will teach you how to create a fire without matches and will take you on a bow and arrow hunt. Overnight at Lake Eyasi Campsite / Kisima Ngeda Lodge

Day 4 – Lake Eyasi to Serengeti National park

After breakfast, depart Lake Eyasi for Central Serengeti via Ngorongoro Conservation Area, stopping at Olduvai Gorge, an ancient site made famous by the Leakey family. We see the game as we make our way to the Serengeti Lodge/Tented for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 5 – Full Game Drive at Serengeti

Full day spent exploring the park in search of the Big -5 Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge

Serengeti is easily Tanzania’s most famous national park, and it’s also the largest, at 14,763 square kilometers of protected area that borders Kenya’s Masai Mara Game ParkIt is the Migration for which Serengeti is perhaps most famous. Over a million wildebeest and about 200,000 zebras flow south from the northern hills to the southern plains for the short rains every October and November, and then swirl west and north after the long rains in April, May, and June. So strong is the ancient instinct to move that no drought, gorge, or crocodile-infested river can hold them back. The Wildebeests travel through a variety of parks, reserves, protected areas, and a variety of habitats. Join us to explore the different forms of vegetation and landscapes of the Serengeti ecosystem and meet some of their most fascinating inhabitants.

Day 6 – Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro crater is the world’s biggest whole volcanic caldera at 8300 sq km and is arguably the most stunning arena.
It is frequently described as one of the wonders of the world, not only because of its geological magnificence but also because it serves as an extraordinary natural sanctuary for some of Africa’s largest populations of large mammals. Ngorongoro and other freestanding mountains are volcanic in origin, formed during the fracturing process that created the Rift valley 15 to 20 million years ago. When it peaked in size 3 million years ago it was a similar height to Mt. Kilimanjaro today.

Day 7 – Ngorongoro to Tarangire National Park

Breakfast then drive to Tarangire National park – Lunch at Tarangire Picnic Site, before proceeding for afternoon game drives.

Tarangire National Park is one of the hidden jewels of Tanzania. This park measures 2,600 sq km and boasts a concentration of wildlife second only to Ngorongoro Crater. It features an impressive amount and array of bird life and plant life. Situated only 160 km from Arusha, the park is nestled to the south of the large open grass plains of southern Maasailand. It is named after the Tarangire River, which runs directly through the center of the park and is the only permanent water source for the animals. Along the banks of this river you will find herds of wildebeest (or gnu) and zebra, followed by Grant’s Gazelle, Thomson’s Gazelle, and many others. Lurking in the background lion and leopard keep a watchful eye on a possible meal. The park offers views of grass and floodplains with impressive baobab and flat-topped acacia trees scattered throughout. During the dry season, the park may look quite ordinary, but activities continue even more earnestly due to the now increased competition.

Day 8 – Tarangire to Arusha

Morning game drives then return to the camp/Lodge for breakfast – exit the park and drive to Arusha – Lunch in Arusha at the Hotel/Lodge

Day 9 – Arusha Town Tour

After breakfast at the lodge, visit the Different places of Arusha Town with a local guide and experience the lifestyle in the local village, learning about their culture, agriculture, and history of the area. Enjoy the African traditional cuisine

After lunch transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

End of  9 Days Tanzania Safari tour Experience and Cultural Activities