7 Days Machame Route


Climb Kilimanjaro on 7 Days Machame Route safari tour, although this route is far from the easiest. Meijo suggests this route for climbers with past mountaineering training and excellent physical fitness.

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About a 7 Days Machame Route safari tour – The Machame route, also known as the “Whisky Route”, is one of the best to climb Kilimanjaro as it is optimal for acclimatization, allowing the climbers to “walk high and sleep low”, and as a result enjoy one of the highest summit success rates of all the routes to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. It features stunning scenery and a wide range of terrain. The route approaches from the south and has a high success rate, especially for climbers taking the seven-day alternative. Six days are enough but due to acclimatization we suggest our customers choose 7 days

With about half of all climbers using it each year.

The best time to climb Kilimanjaro is during the short rains (October and November) or the ‘shoulder season’ (March and June). The peak or dry season (July to the end of September) is extremely busy and cold, and there’s not much snow at all. It also gets dusty and windy during the dry season.

Day by Day Program for 7 Days Machame Route

Day 1 – Machame Gate (1,800m/5,905ft) to Machame Camp (3,000m/9,840ft)

A one-hour drive from Arusha lays the gate to the Machame route, where we complete park formalities, meet our crew of porters, and start to climb! The first section of the route climbs steadily and involves real jungle-bashing through magnificent forest. This path is less well-trodden & often wet & muddy underfoot. We camp at Machame camp (3000 m)Trekking Time: 4-6 hours | Distance: 9 km | Altitude Gain: 1210

Day 2 – Machame Camp (3,000m/9,840ft) to Shira Camp (3,840m/12,600ft)

The route continues up through the forest until we are at the steep ascent on the Shira Plateau, where there are rewarding views of the mountain. Looking back, you will be able to see Mt. Meru rising high above Arusha town. We camp at Shira camp (3845 m).
Trekking Time: 4-6 hours | Distance: 9 km | Altitude Gain: 845 m

Day 3 – Shira Camp (3,840m/12,600ft) to Barranco Camp (3,950m/12,960ft)

Walking now on high moorland, the landscape changes the entire character of the trek. We traverse the southwest side of Kilimanjaro, passing underneath the Lava Tower and the final section of the Western Breach, and finally reach camp at Barranco camp (3900 m). The day has been spent at altitude (up to 4600 m), but we have followed the mountaineering code of ‘walk high, sleep low to avoid altitude sickness by aiding our bodies in acclimatization.
Trekking Time: 6-7 hours | Distance: 15 km | Altitude Gain: 60 m

Day 4 – Barranco Camp (3,950m/12,960ft) to Karanga Valley (4,200m/13,780ft)

We start the day by descending into the start of the Great Barranco, a huge ravine. We then exit steeply, up what has been termed the Breakfast Wall, which divides us from the southeastern slopes of Kibo. It is a climb over rocks, not technical but long and tiring. Passing underneath the Heim and Kersten glaciers, we head towards the Karanga Valley (3965 m) overnight.
Trekking Time: 5-7 hours | Distance: 5 km | Altitude Gain: 100 m

Day 5 – Karanga Valley (4,200m/13,780ft) to Barafu Camp (4,600m/15,100ft)

The day is characterized by a short hike on terrain formed by scree. We walk through arid and desolate land towards Barafu camp (4600 m).
Trekking Time: 2-4 hours | Distance: 4 km | Altitude Gain: 600 m

Day 6 – Barafu Camp (4,600m/15,100ft) to Uhuru Peak (5,895m/19,340ft) to Mweka Camp (3,100m/10,170ft)

We avoid walking too long in the heat of the sun today by starting around midnight, walking steeply upwards to the Summit glaciers. You will be climbing scree for 5 to 6 hours but you gain incredible height over a short distance. The views are spectacular. We should be on the crater rim at Stella Point (5750 m) as the first rays of the sun emerge. Spectacular ice cliffs within the crater surround us and the views of Mawenzi peak and beyond are breathtaking. Another hour’s walk takes us to our goal, the summit of Uhuru (5895 m), the highest point; Uhuru means freedom in Swahili.

Trekking Time: 6-8 hours | Distance: 7 km| Altitude Gain: 1296 m

We begin the descent by returning to Stella Point and then descending on scree slope back to Barafu camp for breakfast and a rest before finally heading down to Millenium Camp (3000 m) for a well-earned rest. On our descent, we have fabulous views of the plains and Mawenzi peak.
Trekking Time: 6-8 hours | Distance: 12 km | Altitude Loss: 2896 m

Day 7 – Mweka Camp (3,100m/10,170ft) to Mweka Gate (1,500m/4,920ft)

A gentle trek takes us down through the rain forest to the Mweka Gate (1640 m), where we complete park formalities, are met by our vehicles, receive your certificate of ascent courtesy of the Kilimanjaro National Park Authority and drive back to Moshi where you can treat yourself to a well- earned shower and a cold beer or two.
Trekking Time: 4-5 hours | Distance: 10 km | Altitude Loss: 1360 m

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