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Welcome to Lake Manyara National Park, well known for its tree climbing lions, thousands of pink flamingos and soda ash lake, one of Tanzania’s largest elephant populations and spectacular scenery. Lake Manyara National Park, however is a small park, excellent and contains a colossal good variety of territories, animals and particularly birds, covering around 330 km2, of which 66 per cent is submerged.

Located under the cliff edge of the Manyara River Valley, on the side of the Rift Valley, This Park provides amazing entertainment and bird life. The scene is complex to the extent that Tanzania Safari’s warm blooded animals and bird records are perhaps the best. The park contains a notable portion of the lake and its beaches and even expansive fields with backwoods of ground water with fig and mahogany trees swapping with acacia woodland and open marshlands.

Whether through the southern or northern gates, You can reach the Park. Since most accommodation is located in its area, the northern gate is more commonly used. The path to Lake Manyara National Park from Arusha is 126 km, which is about 90 minutes by road.

Things to do

Day Game drive, Night game drive, Forest walks, Cultural tours, Mountain bike tours, Canoeing, Abseiling.

Special Safaris in Manyara

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