Kilimanjaro National Park

Kilimanjaro National Park is a national park 128 kilometers from Arusha, situated in Moshi. It is on Mount Kilimanjaro. Established as Africa’s roof which occupies an area of 753 km2. With snow and glaciers that are the standout and less than five kilometers high, you can see more than 140 kilometers on a clear day, situated only three degrees below the equator.

The tropical rainforest covers Kilimanjaro National Park. There are many hiking trails through the woods, including the famous six fixed routes that all lead to the Kilimanjaro summit.

The ever-changing flora and fauna known as vegetation zoning, a term used to refer to the idea that such plants only grow to a certain degree, would surprise visitors who come to climb Kilimanjaro, leading to numerous strips by changing the height of the trees, shrubs and flowering plants. There are live species within this environment that have evolved to distinct heights.

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