For all your trip plans to Tanzania, Meijo Safaris is the perfect partner. Custom and tailor-made safaris are our specialty, and we work with you to fulfill your dream trip to Tanzania. Climbing the mighty Kilimanjaro or just floating on the sunny tropical beaches, if you like to enjoy the stunning scenery and serenity of Tanzania’s unspoiled game parks and reserves. It is important to note that we have regular departures with a minimum booking of 2 people for all our Tanzania Safaris. Join us for the Best Kilimanjaro Facilities Guide and the Best Safari Guides in Tanzania!


Are always dedicated to provide you with the highest level of reliability and support, from our experts to the crew on the safari. Both our staff are very competent and skilled with everything they necessary have to provide a secure and fully enjoyable experience. From preparing the itinerary, to managing transport and lodging, camping, to being ready for urgent assistance at all times, we are prepared for unique, quality support. Our experts are specialists with a deep understanding of the location, the wildlife and its residents.

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